Platform as a Service

GravityZoo's Platform as a Service is a device independent middleware solution. Its main capability is that it is able to connect to almost all backend applications AND is able to bi-directionally (push based) communicate with almost any IP-connected device.

To many opportunities

It took a couple of years to successfully finalize the GravityZoo Platform. Once finished, we soon discovered that the opportunities were (and still are) endless and that focus was needed. Today we concentrate on Mobile first with GravityZoo's Mobile Publishing solution.
GravityZoo's focus is on Jackzz.

Launching Publisher

The Media Groep Limburg, a regional newspaper publisher, first joined Jackzz. Soon to be followed by a Belgian specialty Publisher servicing over one hundred Municipalities and their Citizens.

Launching Customer

The European electronics retail chain Media Market was first. Soon followed by Q-Park, one of Europe's largest Parking Service Providers. Since, new companies join Jackzz Mobile Network almost on a daily bases.
The Cloud is the future! Since 2005 GravityZoo lives it!

Early 2005 GravityZoo envisioned a future in which applications ran in, and devices received their services from the Cloud. At the time we talked about the delivery of services anytime, anywhere and via any device. The Cloud wasn't even invented.

Well, we decided to join the party.

After extensive research we decided that Web technology was fine for devices requiring a human interface. The future we envisioned was however mostly about devices not having such a UI and therefore required a new technological approach. GravityZoo's Platform as a Service was born.
Mobile Publishing Network

Jackzz is primarely a Mobile Publishing Network enabling both Newspaper and Magazine Publishers to redefine the Publisher - Advertiser - Reader relationship.

Jackzz aims to provide the Publishing Industry a viable response to the threat from the (Mobile) Internet, but maybe more importantly also a means to (re)finance their core activity i.e. investigative journalism.

For more information, visit http://www.jackzz.com.
Find Us
Are you interested to learn more about GravityZoo or the Jackzz Network of Mobile Apps? Send an email to: info@gravityzoo.com.

If you really have an urgent question you might even try to give us a call!

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